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100 Photography Art Composing Images- Dimitra Gounari

Welcome to the blog of the gallery dedicated to promoting emerging artists. Today, I would like to introduce you to the fascinating work of emerging photographer Dimitra Gounari, entitled "Composing Images."

I was fascinated by the way Dimitra addresses Winnicott's concept of "reflection" and Freudian concepts of "Transfer" and "Counter Transfer", without delving into overly complex psychological themes, but keeping the focus within the realm of photography. Her ability to capture the complexity of our gaze is concise and effective.

Personally, I greatly appreciate this type of research that invites reflection while maintaining an aesthetic of beauty, where visual balance soothes the viewer and stimulates inquiry through beauty.

Dimitra Gounari is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sound and Image at the Ionian University in Greece. She holds a Master of Arts in Visual Arts and Communication from Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK, with a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation I.K.Y. Her education also includes a degree from the Department of Photography at the Athens University of Applied Sciences, Greece. In addition to her academic work, Dimitra has taught at the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts at the University of West Attica, the IB Visual Arts course, and is an examiner for IB DP Visual Arts. Her artistic work has received recognition and awards from various institutions and competitions. Her works have been exhibited worldwide, including Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and have been published in catalogs in both Greek and international press. Her works are found in private and public collections.

The "Composing Images" project took place in 2021-2022 on the Greek island of Evia, where Dimitra resides. During this time, she explored many beaches to find the ideal locations for her photographs. Mirrors were used for the photoshoots, integrated into the surrounding space to create multiple observations for viewers. The photographs were manipulated with editing software to compose a more complex environment, where the real blends with imaginary scenes to create a new space.

The relationship between humans and between humans and places is at the core of these inquiries. I have long reflected on the role of the artist in 2024 and the importance of addressing the major issues of our century and presenting them to the general public. I include Dimitra's work in this current of active artists.

I invite you to explore her entire body of work and her latest research by visiting the following links:

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Explore to learn about her entire body of work and her latest research.

Enjoy your viewing!

Vanessa Rusci

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