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Photo Rodrigo Illescas
- argentina

Photo Hanieh Jalali -
IRan - canada

100PHOTO 3 2023 PDF PRINT.jpg

cover vol 3 by Maria José Majo

Photo ottavio rosati - italy

Photo Isil Arisoy Kaya
- Turkey

Photo Eva Kalpadaki

Photo Kathrin Kolbow - Germany

Photo Apollinariia Ilina - russia

100 VWorld Art Photography
MAG&Book Project
#5 2024 

DEADLINE  31 August 2024

A magazine dedicated to artistic and research photography.


The fourth issue will be released in September 2024, and we are looking for interesting artwork!

Six-monthly magazine and book on experimental, research, and artistic photography.

Artists using any type of photography, with any type of post-production (editing) or manipulation.

The project involves the creation of a six-monthly Magazine & Book and E-Book, sold in the best worldwide e-stores, two issues a year, containing 10 artists who will each have 10 pages available to present their project.

A month-long virtual solo show for an artist selected as most innovative, in our virtual gallery, The Secret Room, for each issue of the magazine.

The artist of the best project will also have the opportunity to participate in the Challenge 2024, to become an artist in our gallery.

The gallery is available to support the most exciting research projects.

How to participate:
fill out the form below.

Insert your biography, artist statement, and photographic research project in a PDF or WORLD file,

do not insert photographed texts.

Insert the 10 photos, vertical (20x30 cm) or horizontal (40x30 cm) images, if you have different formats (for reasons of your research, write it in the project) the images will be inserted in the magazine according to the layout decided by the curator.

Pay the fee: FREE until March 10, 2024

Pay the fee: 20 euros until April,10 2024

Pay the fee: 38 Euros until May,10 2024

Pay the fee: 50 euros until June,10 2024

Pay the fee: 60 euros until July,31 2024

Pay the fee: 80 euros until August, 31 2024
Last month to apply.

The selection of artists to be published will be announced after September,15, 2024.


The magazine will be released and printed after October,15, 2024.

Which photographs are not allowed:
Classic street photography, classic portraits, classic landscapes, classic nature photography, and classic still-life photography are not allowed.

Which photographs are allowed:
All possible experiments in photography, social and artistic research, which use a new and personal language, are admitted.
In this selection, your project is really important: tell us about it and explain what your research consists of.

Are you ready? Apply now!

Photo Viet Van Tran - vietnam


Photo Nicolas Fenouil

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