We are a new collective of artists and curators!

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We are an online gallery,with departments in Europe.

The project was born in London in 2017 from the idea of an artist who wants to create a real support tool for emerging artists. The artist joins two other artists and together they decide to develop the project remaining anonymous and relying on external professionals. To date, the founding artists are anonymous.

"We have chosen the web as a contact network with artists.
We are a "No Name Collective" and we work for artists and for the free circulation of art.

We are a new art project with an online and print magazine with contacts with galleries, curators, collectors from all over the world.

We have a new idea to support emerging artists and promote contemporary art!
Show them, make them remember, create their legend.

We promote all our artists on our channels every day.
We create a funnel that makes them known in the world.
Our belief is:
there is strength in numbers.

We started with this bet:
three years with magazines, artist residencies, exhibitions and artist promotion.
We’re in our fifth year!
And we created the greatest artistic challenge in the world.
We have created a virtual space for the artists of our collectives.
We regularly exhibit personal or collective exhibitions of our collectives.

During 12 months: we select artists with our Challenge and our calls and of these 20 will become the new Collective 22.
Every month we choose artists and, virtual exhibitions, competitions, magazines and much more.
We give visibility to all kinds of art, we create a worldwide artistic movement.
This year we start with a second magazine just for photography.

Since Great Britain’s exit from the European community due to BREXIT, we have moved our tax management to Europe via a marketing and web company, as an art group we are non-profit, for tax matters write to us, and we will put you in contact with our tax partner in Italy.
We continue to recruit artists from all over the world and maintain our contacts with the art world also in London.
Our magazine is printed and distributed through one of our partners.

Write us for more information.

Valentine H. Hyman

NNC Gallery and Magazine is a special artist project by




Valentine H.Hyman England

CFO and CIO 

Vanessa Rusci Italy

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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