No Name Collective VWorld

We are a non-profit cultural art project, which carries out a project that is an innovative artistic operation that develops mainly on social networks.
It provides the support of artists from all over the world, through the publication on our websites, our artistic operations, our magazine-artistic catalogue.

The payments of the fees are intended as a support to the artistic operation in progress, do not give the right to be represented by the Gallery, nor to be published in the catalogue magazine.


A free art entry or purchased art entries are categorized as submissions. All submissions are an agreement with NNC Gallery policy terms.


NNC Gallery can use any previously published submission entry for use in promotional material by advertising future open calls on our social media platforms. NNC Gallery protects the artist’s original work from any unauthorized print duplication with low resolution online posts. Only the hardcover and softcover printed books feature high-resolution art images.


NNC Gallery makes no claim to any rights, interest or copyrights for any submission. Each artist fully owns their original works. Artist agrees to NNC Gallery publishing their artwork, likeness, and artist details in the free digital magazine and print magazine, printed hardcover books and printed softcover books. Artist makes no claim to any of NNC Gallery’s published art Magazine in part or in whole.


NNC Gallery has the only responsibility for selecting the art entries published in the art magazine with no exceptions.


Non-selections are submitted art entries which are not selected for the catalogue. Non-selections are not kept on file and are not used, shared, posted or promoted by NNC Gallery.


Any and all credit card data is processed through a secure third party (Stripe or Square). NNC Gallery does not keep any payment data on file and NNC Gallery does not share any sensitive information. Since July 1, 2019, NNC Gallery no longer requires the artist phone number will no longer display on the artist page of the catalogues. NNC Gallery protects all artists under the age of 18 who are selected for the magazine with all contact information replaced with NNC Gallery’s contact information to vet any inquiries.


Any submission requiring a fee is considered incomplete and will not be accepted into the open call until the fee is fully paid. All submission fees are final and non-refundable.


NNC Gallery provides a free commission platform. Any inquiries related to the artist work are directed back to the artist.

Original Work

All submissions must be original works created by the submitting artist. Any artist found submitting non-original artwork, will not be accepted in future catalogues. 

Open Call Deadline

NNC Gallery will only accept art entries during the open call time frame. Any submissions sent after the close of an open call will not be accepted.

Artistic consultancy, web design. Business.

Our Business partner is in Italy.
After the exit of Great Britain from the European community, we have moved all our activities to Europe from January 2021
For artistic consultancy, social design, and economic business we have commissioned from January 2021
VR Comunica Italy, write us for all info.