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Update November 2022

A collective that operates anonymously, with a few members maintaining external relationships.

We are a non-profit cultural artistic project that primarily operates on social networks, connecting with galleries, art advisors, sellers, curators, and art fair organizers. Additionally, we support artists worldwide through our websites, artistic initiatives, and our monthly print and online art magazine.

Fees support ongoing artistic operations but do not guarantee gallery representation, catalog publication, or decision-making rights for artists.

Art entries, free or purchased, are categorized as submissions, adhering to NNC Gallery policy terms.

NNC Gallery can use published submissions for promotional purposes. Artists receive no payment for these publications. Original artworks are protected against unauthorized duplication online, with high-resolution images featured in printed books.

NNC Gallery does not claim any rights, interests, or copyrights for submissions. Artists retain full ownership. NNC Gallery may publish artworks, portraits, and details in digital and print media without artist claims to published materials.

NNC Gallery exclusively selects entries for art magazines, photo magazines, catalogs, and exhibitions. Selections are final and indisputable.

Artworks Not Selected:
Unselected Challenge entries are archived for one year, unused and unpublished. Unselected works for other categories can be published in subsequent years.

NNC Gallery ensures secure payment processing through third parties (Stripe or Square). Artist contact information is replaced with NNC Gallery's for artists under 18.

Incomplete submissions are accepted only after full payment. Submission fees are non-refundable.

NNC Gallery offers a commission-free platform, redirecting inquiries to artists.

Original Work:
All submissions must be original creations. Artists submitting non-original work risk rejection and legal action in disputes.

Open Call Deadline:
NNC Gallery accepts entries only during the specified open call period. Late submissions are not considered.

Art Gallery Rules:
Selected artists become part of the Collective. Publication timing depends on editorial needs. Artists failing to comply may be replaced. Participation in gallery initiatives is optional; non-participation for three years leads to expulsion. Published images may be chosen from artist submissions or social media for promotional purposes.

NNC Gallery promotes its artists, facilitating connections with markets and collectors, also exploring sales of artworks and NFTs. Artists agreeing to gallery representation waive compensation claims. Image rights remain with the artist, granted for NNC LONDON GALLERY's use.

The gallery may request promotion fees after three years. Artists disagreeing with gallery decisions can leave the project after one year. The gallery reserves the right to cease representation without explanation. Decisions are final.

Our project operates globally with partners in Italy, Netherlands, England, California, and Geneva. We relocated activities to Europe post-Brexit while continuing operations in London for artistic projects.

For website, social media management, funding, or partnership inquiries, contact:

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