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Hi, here you can answer the questions for the interview that will be published in our magazine.
There are 9 questions, and each answer should not exceed 500 characters.
For each question, you can associate an image. Please make sure it is of high quality and suitable for publication; otherwise, we will have to delete it.
If English is not your native language, please write simple sentences to avoid making too many errors.
We will publish your text, correcting only the most obvious errors and not changing any sentences or concepts.
Please do not mention upcoming exhibitions or awards with specific dates, as publication times are lengthy. You can send this information to, and we will include it in our blog and social media based on our editorial needs.
(We cannot guarantee publication, but we will do our best to support your events).

All About Me

Here we go, now answer these questions for our magazine and blog.

Answer honestly, be yourself, and don't worry about trying to impress anyone or telling your entire artistic life story.

Those who will read your interview want to get to know you and your art!

The trend among gallery owners and curators now, in this age of hyper-production, is to seek out genuine stories and art!

So now read the questions, take your time to think about them, and then answer them with all your heart and passion for art!

Let's begin!

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image max 25 mb

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