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Rules for all public applications/publications

The artist sends his works and all the requested information.

The NNC GALLERY LONDON Project decides whether to admit the artist to the Challenge, the selection for the photography magazine, the artist of the month, the special guest, and all the open calls depending on the chosen call.

The decisions of the NNC GALLERY LONDON Project are final and unappealable.

For the Challenge:

Artists who agree to participate in the challenge after passing the first step must submit five more artworks.

The NNC GALLERY LONDON Project selects the finalists.

After joining the Challenge, it may take up to six or seven months before the names of the finalists are announced.

Artists are selected every month.

In January of the year following that of the Challenge, 20 winning artists of the Challenge are selected; the decisions of the NNC GALLERY LONDON Project are final.

After the victory, the Gallery is required to publish and promote the artists at least once on social media and in the magazine, creating a space for each selected artist for the following two years.

If the artists selected within 1 month of the communication do not send the requested materials, the gallery can expel the artist from the Collective.

The gallery's decisions regarding critical texts or promotions cannot be contested by the artists.

An artist can communicate their departure from the Collective at least 3 months before the date they indicate as the end of the collaboration. The jury may decide to end the collaboration with artists who are not in line with the philosophy of the Gallery and its staff. 

No magazine created with the submitted images will be sent for free.

For applications to the photography magazine:

The team decides on the images to be published, which will have 10 or more pages, depending on the curator's judgment. Horizontal images can be published across two pages and therefore have the division of the two pages in the center; this cannot be contested by the artist. Images can be cropped if they do not conform to the proportions of the magazine pages. Images may undergo editing for colors and exposures. Images can be used for the entire or partial cover. By submitting the application, the artist accepts all the rules and cannot contest them after the application. No magazine will be sent for free.

FOR ALL OPEN CALLS, including Challenge and photography magazines,

publications, and critical texts:

The editorial team of the magazine can decide to publish the images as it deems appropriate according to its editorial needs: it can cut an image and take only details or part of it, publish a horizontal image across two pages, rotate the images if it envisions a different view of the magazine from the standard ones, and decide on colors and tones of the images, all done solely to promote the work of the artists to the best of its ability and according to its standards of beauty and aesthetics. All this without having to request the artist's permission.

Neither the Gallery nor the artists have contractual obligations to fulfill.

By submitting their application, the artist accepts all the rules of the gallery.

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