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Fragile, Bruna Ginammi Exhibition.

Press Release:

Fragile yet simultaneously emblematic of resilience and strength, the dwellings photographed by Bruna Ginammi draw attention to a reality often invisible and ignored. Near the town of Rosarno in Calabria, stands a village inhabited by African laborers. The showcased photographs provide a direct, unfiltered visual testimony of what truly transpires in our country. Simultaneously, they bestow dignity upon a culture that finds within its own traditions a remarkable capacity for adaptation.

"...The guiding thought is the concept of balance that, far from aesthetic considerations, aligns with an intimate, coherent order, a harmonious unity of parts that, it seems to me, is the best response to an evidently inhumane condition in which it exists..." - Bruna Ginammi

We extend our gratitude for the collaboration with Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin.

The exhibitions can be visited from Wednesday to Friday, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM until September 29, 2023. Saturdays by appointment.

Former GEA Factory Via Privata Assab, 1 20132 Milan, Italy

Bruna Ginammi is an artist of Collective 18

Visit her page:

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