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LEARN FROM THE Best. Tips for artists - NNC Gallery london project

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Study with people whose work you admire, and you will progress faster.

One of the biggest problems of art at the moment is the arrogance of the artists, instead it is only through a study and a concrete and continuous commitment that excellent results can be achieved.

Searching, studying and working with those who are better than us accelerates the growth path.

Envying and not realizing that one is not yet mature, or believing that one has already arrived, is death for every artist.

Use your heart and brain to actually make art.

Passion and commitment together with a good dose of humility will allow you to realize your path as a true artist.

In art, there are no quick results or shortcuts.

Be yourself and believe in what you do.

Ask questions, ask for information and present your work continuously and don't stop you until you find the right interlocutor.

Our project currently presents around 200 artists, selected over the course of 5 years. We publish them regularly in our magazines, on our social networks, in our newsletters, in our initiatives, we offer them to curators and galleries.

Join the NNC Gallery VWorld London family.

Take part in our Challenge!


Tips from the curators of the NNC VWORLD project

LEARN FROM THE Best.   Tips for artists

LEARN FROM THE Best. Tips for artists - NNC Gallery London project

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