A new and different art magazine, a great artistic challenge!

A new way to find the best artists in the world!

Are you ready for the challenge of the year capable of making you an artist represented by our gallery?
This is the only global challenge among emerging artists!

12 months

a number of artists selected as finalists

19 winners who will be represented by our gallery!
They will be interviewed and published in our print and online magazine and will have a space in our online gallery.

Your name will be featured in our magazine and on our social networks if he is selected for the big final challenge!

The project involves the promotion of emerging artists.

Discover in our artists section the artists we have selected since 2017 and who are represented by our online gallery with exhibitions, publications and events,


Now, in 2021, let's start with a new challenge!


On this page you can submit your apply.

Our experts will decide if you will be selected for the magazine.

If you are pre-selected, you will advance to the second level and can be one of the selected monthlies.

At the end of the year all the finalists will participate in the final challenge and the Collective 21 will be born from them.


Let's get started now!

Our recruiters are all art experts and are dedicated to discovering new talent!

You can send us:

-Three images - JPEG FILE ONLY

-A short text explaining your story and your artwork (word or pdf file)

Write your best and tell why we should choose you!
- Your links to social media accounts.

Without this, we will not process your application.


If you pass the pre-selection, you can be posted on our social media site;

in the second selection you will compete to be published in our magazine and in the challenge, and we will explain what to do.





Valentine H.Hyman

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Innovative collective art project: research on social networks, virtual galleries and magazines, use of fakes in art, emerging artists, artificial intelligence, relationships between art from developed countries and those of the third and fourth world, NFt and Crypto art.

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