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We apologize for its presence.
This allows us to offer free applications to artists from countries with war or economic problem

A new revolutionary art project, a new and irreverent art magazine, a great annual world art challenge

2024 edition!

A Challenge every month from 2017


A new way to find the best-emerging artists in the world!

Are you ready for the Challenge of the year and capable of making yourself an artist represented by our gallery?
This is the only global challenge among emerging artists!

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12 months, an online and print magazine in 12 volumes, artists selected as finalists every month, 20 winners who will be represented by our Gallery: They will be interviewed and published in our print and online magazine and will have a free space in our online gallery.


They will be featured on our social networks for a year for free! Your name will be showcased in our magazine and on our social networks if selected for the grand final Challenge, which will take place in January 2025!

The project involves the promotion of emerging artists. Explore the artists' section to discover talents we have selected since 2017, represented by our online gallery through exhibitions, publications, and events. We are also preparing art fairs and auctions. Now, in 2024, let's embark on a new challenge!

On this page, you can submit your application.


We are thrilled to announce that our magazine has been honored with the prestigious title of Art Magazine of the Year 2023 at the London & South East England Prestige Awards 2023/24. This recognition is a result of our commitment to excellence in various aspects, including the products and services we offer, our marketing and branding strategies, service excellence, and overall employee satisfaction.

The judging criteria for this esteemed award included an evaluation of marketing and branding, business growth methods, customer experience, and our approach to new ideas.

The London Prestige Awards aim to celebrate businesses in England's largest city that consistently provide a personal, creative, and helpful approach to their customers, maintaining a high level of service and experience

Our experts expert will supervise the selection process. 

You will be notified if you pass the pre-selection and advance to the second level, a step closer to becoming one of our artists selected monthly.

At the end of the year, all the finalists will participate in the final challenge and the winners will become COLLECTIVE 24!


Let's get started now!

Our recruiters are art experts and are dedicated to discovering new talent!

Please send us the following:

Three images (JPEG, max 5 MB each)

Short Bio (Word or PDF)

Artist Statement (Word or PDF)

Art Project (Word or PDF)

Without these files, we will not process your application.


If you pass the preselection, your work may be featured on our social media accounts. In the second round, you'll have the chance to be published in our magazine and participate in the challenge.

We will provide instructions on what to do.

In your bio, please include your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media links, and ensure they are accurate.



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