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Between an Anthropomorphic Bird and a Bird-like ManFluid Online Exhibition

by Jenya Stashkov

"The fouls of the air sow not, nor reap, yet your father feedeth them." What is the fundamental difference between a bird and a human? Can we consider "bird" and "human" two different modes of existence? Why do we endow humans with bird characteristics and humanise birds? Is there a fundamental boundary between the bird and human worlds? I invited contemporary artists to reflect on these issues. Twelve contemporary artists from all over the globe present 12 visual concepts of the "anthropomorphic bird" in different mediums.

“Gamanost” by Elena Stashkova

“Stork from "Khalif-Stork" performance” by Pelageya Schseglinskaya

“Juggler Without Shadows” by Julia Kuzina

“MusicForPigeons” by Yulia Andreeva

“Blood Plantation Budgie” by Peter Gould

“Work from the "Bird People" series” by Konstantin Fedorov

“Obsession” by Olga Sorokina

“Bird Tales” by Olga Aksenova

"Mating Dances" performance (Fragment) by Lena Gorlatova and Marina Dadychenko

“Heavenly Bird” by Hellga Io

“Big She-parrot and Little People” by Lena Eka

“Encounter” by Marina Dadychenko


How to compose an exhibition out of nothing

Well, we continue to develop our creativity. You probably wished to work as a curator of contemporary art at some point in your lives. Today I will tell you how to come up with an international exhibition based on a sense of the environment. A brief algorithm of actions looks like this:

  1. Move to a new location;

  2. Actively look at everything around you. Literally everything!

  3. Find the answer to the following question: What catches my eye most often?

  4. Invite your friends (or subscribers) to draw something on this topic.

  5. Publish these works somewhere on the Internet, and write a text about this process.

  6. Success! Congratulations on your first exhibition, newly minted curator!

I recently moved to London. My first visual impressions of the UK are associated with various bird images. A girl with a winged print on her back at Heathrow Airport. Christmas turquoise and gold angels near Trafalgar Square. An infinite number of different details related to birds began to haunt me from the first day of my stay here. I'm sure every place is trying to tell us something. But I still didn't understand what this stream of bird images meant.

A strange idea came to my mind. I decided not to try to understand this mystical bird message with my mind. I decided to become a conductor of these images. Maybe serving invisible birds will clarify the situation. Who knows.

I decided to create an exhibition dedicated to the intersection of the bird and human origins, and therefore invited my friends and subscribers on Facebook and Instagram to create works on the theme "Anthropomorphic bird". You could see these works above! The next exhibition is yours. Stay creative!


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