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Petra Jaenicke


Stay Loose

The series will be offered as an NFT Collection in early 2023. In preparation for this, the images should be created in a square format.
“Stay Loose“ was initiated as a tribute to Joseph Beuys in his 100th anniversary year in 2021.
„How to be an artist“, a poem attributed to him, describes how with art, Beuys wanted to heal the world and his guiding principle was: „Everyone is an artist“. It vividly and yet ironically describes what a person can do to become an artist.
In much the same way, my works enter into a dialogue with this poem and show, not without a certain wink, how to awaken the artist in oneself. My image compositions are created by digitally assembling and superimposing several motifs. The doubling of the female figure lets the naturalism of the image fade out while at the same time enhancing its‘ inherent meaning.
My photographic works, multi-layered in the truest sense of the word, show the potential, the strength and yet the fragility of the figures.
And, as Gerhard Richter says, “art is the highest form of hope” and it is hope and healing that especially today are most urgently needed.

Artist Statement

The distinctiveness of photography is the indissoluble connection between how a person behind a camera subjectively perceives an object and the real object itself. The object itself is subjectivized as it were in the process of depiction. Beyond that, the question of what exactly makes reality itself, real, intrigues me. Many philosophers, among them Sartre, Heidegger and Wittgenstein, have explored whether there can be an objective reality at all, if everything is filtered through subjective perception. Constructivism and philosophical theory similarly bases on the assumption that it is our perception that creates the realities
around us. The question „How real is our reality?“ underlies all my work. The photographed motif is merely the initial starting point for a creative process. It enables a form of personal reconquest of reality, arising from a longing to allow a radical subjectivity in the appropriation, perception and representation of the world. The digital transformation of my photos shows reality as interpretation and at the same time as irritation. Thus, something new emerges, born of the real yet detached from it and photography becomes a medium for tracing the subjective in the objective. Digitally superimposing different motifs, blurring or playing with a negative and positive presentation simultaneously, these are my essential design tools for my surreal compositions. Artistic creativity with photography as medium turns into a dance with and around the „real“, plays with something that lies beyond the photographed subject, leading the beholder into a reality that can no longer be explained by intellectual judgement alone. My works become the image of a journey into my poetic and aesthetic appropriation of the world, and yet they leave the viewer plenty of room for their own perception and experience. To lead the beholder to new visual and aesthetic ground in photography, and thus to a more critical approach to the medium, is a central concern of mine. For in an increasingly digitalized, virtual world, its reality must constantly be questioned anew.


PETRA JAENICKE is an experimental photographic artist working in Odenwald, Germany. She studied both media design and photography, graduating with a degree in design. Her jobs as freelance photographer, art and film director, with a foray into education science, have opened up a wide field of experience for her. In 2016, she fulfilled her dream of being able to concentrate her work solely on experimental photography. In 2019, she signed on as artist at Galerie Ahlemann, Duisburg, and became a member of the international artist collective, the NNC GALLERY, London. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 consecutively her works were
published in Artdoc Global Photography Magazine, Spectaculum Magazine and NNC Art Magazine London, and shown at the Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen, the ARTe Wiesbaden, the PhotoPopUp Fair Düsseldorf and the KunstVorarlberg, Forum for Contemporary Art, Austria. Petra’s works are currently exhibited in and represented by several modern art galleries.

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