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Petra Jaenicke

Selected during Challenge 2019

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After my median design and photography studies, I worked for many years in the
multidisciplinary field of art direction, film direction and photography. After that, I redesigned
my life and I worked even a long time as a teacher and in teacher training. Since 2016, I am
happy to be able to work only in the field of experimental artistic photography. My images are
a lyrical response of the aesthetical echo of female poetry and strength, and of my personal
awareness in the context of art photography. They show reality as my own interpretation and
at the same time as an irritation. In this way, the imagery becomes visionary. The result is a
collection of imaginative alternate realities. I create new poetic worlds that invite the viewer
to come in and experience with their own ways of seeing.
• Artist of YAG, Your Art Gallery, New York
• Member of LensCulture Network
• Winner of ""Surreal Photography Contest", YAG
• Exhibitions: "Heaven and Earth“ and "Vibrance" , Linus Galleries
• Cromatic Award 2017 "Honorable Mention in Fine Art"
• Interview:
• Exhibition "Urban Jungle" Frankfurt, Artexpert Sylvia Berrnhardt und Lisa Klocke,
• Singel-Exhibition "30 Minuten mit…" Fränkisch-Crumbach, Rathaus, Germany
• Artist of Galerie Andrea Ahlemann, Duisburg, Germany

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Petra Jaenicke

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