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Who are we?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Who are we?

Perhaps all our names will not know them for now!

We'll introduce ourselves a little at a time!

You all certainly met our curator Valentine.

and now we'll tell you a little about this beautiful project!

We wanted to find a way to make sure that emerging artists could have a lot of visibility, make a completely free artist's residency and win scholarships!

And so we created our collective with art experts, artists, and computer experts and social networks!

And from April last year we started planning our project.

The first bet go out with the zero number consisting of 17 artists in December 2017!

And now we are here!

We now continue with our magazine and all the other projects!

Our magazine presents only selected artists, the artist residences are only for a few artists selected among all those who respond to the various calls, to adhere to the selection you have to pay a small fee.

This allows us to be independent and to promote the true underground art we find!

We also have many free initiatives that we communicate to all those who sign up for our news letter.

Support us and help us to run the project!

have a good time in our gallery!

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