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Philip Cherry - USA Collective 17

Every month we will present the interviews with our artists, starting with the first collective we created.

We believe that this is also an important artistic operation precisely for the historical period we are experiencing.

This interview was done 4 years ago in a distant time from the pandemic and from this anomalous situation we are experiencing.

We should relearn how to feel time.

Enjoy the reading.

On our site at this link Philip's page and our selection and all his links to see what he is creating today.

Tell us about your artistic work: why do you do it, what do you talk about, if you have a precise style and a precise technique or change them in every project?

My work is a statement on the limitless power of the human imagination as well as a statement on many important social issues. I work to create a sense of luxury and beauty in my work while adding subliminal and sometimes vary direct statements and imagery that speaks on the human condition.

Within which mood of art you place your artwork?

The mood is not something I try to pay too much attention to. I feel like there is never a bad time or a bad area to create or display my work. What is important is that it is seen.

Could you tell us something about your country about art? Is there an active artistic community? Are you part of it?

The Artistic Community in America is interesting. You can do very little and become a millionaire, or you could do a lot and never get recognition. Popularity in your work and being social as well as making connections. With that being said, In the city I live in there are a good amounts of local artist who all know each other so the community around artwork is always strong.

What's a typical day in PHILIP art's life?

I usually don't start painting or making work until the very end of the day. At night, it's quiet with little distractions from what I'm trying to get done.

Do you love travelling for art: for example for personal exhibitions or for other art exhibitions

I love to travel any chance I get. I will usually apply for an art show or event in an area I have never been just to give myself an excuse to go there. With new experiences comes new creations.

Where are your favourite places or themes where you can find inspiration for your work?

Good music is always something that inspires my work. As far as locations, I'm a fan of beaches and mountains.

Have you studied art or are you self-taught?

For the majority of my life I have taught myself everything I know. I have been studying institutional art at a college university for the last two and a half years.

Do you remember the first artistic work you did?

Doodles on the walls of my parents house when I was around 4 or 5 years old. They couldn't stand it.

What do you think about social networks and the web about art and artists? Could you tell us about your technique?

Social media is very important when you are making it on your own as an artist. Having a decent body of work that is easy for others to access and view helps when looking for opportunities. Making a brand of yourself and your work is also a very good marketing strategy for many freelance artists.

Could you talk to us about the idea of your main art project?

My main art project right now is a statement of social issues and the idea color has in our society. Not just color in terms of race but simple things as well like associating the color red with danger, the color white as good, and the color black as evil.

You have organized exhibitions in the past. How does it feel to involve others in your art?

Giving others an opportunity is important to me because I know what it felt like to be the artist looking for any type of exposure. I believe there is no such things as bad artwork so I believe every artist deserves a chance.

What is your favorite artwork in contemporary art world?

Currently I do not have a favorite work of art but currently my favorite artist is David Hammons.

If you could show off your artworks anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

London or Brazil are lifetime goals as far as getting y work displayed.

Are you reading a book at the moment? There is one book you have on your reading list?

A personal favorite of mine is a clockwork orange. I also take time to read simple success stories people write about (its motivational).

Is there a famous contemporary artist that you want to report? And an artist who is not famous but who you like and whose artistic research do you share

David hammons is my personal favorite as of right now but I am also very interested in Jean Michel Basquiat as well.

You have been contacted by No Name Collective Gallery and did not know what kind of project we would have made: are you happy to trust us?

I am very happy with the opportunity and love I have been getting from this creative group.

We ask for a small fee for the selection of the magazine and our other calls (artistic residencies and art clashes) but for the artists, we have selected and which we will select every year then we work for free. What do you think about this thing?

I am currently a fan.

At this link his page on our site:

Enjoy !



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