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Eghosa Culture - Nigeria

Collective 19

Winner annual Challenge 


NNC Profile



42 x 59.4 cm - 16.5 x 23.4 inches



375 Euro

No frame - without shipping cost


Officially starting with pencil and paper, where the line work and figures are drawn separately, patience is highly required for the patterns drawn, but personally find it a very soothing process, roughly taking me about an hour per patterned figure. After the drawings are done I then proceed to use AdobeCapture to transfer the sketch into a digital piece, from there I use various software and applications, editing the piece digitally, playing around with the layers, and combing the layers to create these beautiful works.


"This body of work confronts the beauty of controlled chaos, and harmony through the noise, like a busy train station at peak hour, we’re all rushing to get to where we need to be, some will get lost, others will be late, but at the end of all the chaos, we’ll all eventually arrive at our sought out destination. What’s meant for you will always find you.
The series consists of 4 other editions."

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