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Suzanne Lastrina

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My art is an important tool to digest emotions and sensations - a place where i satisfy my creative urge and curiosity, but also a place where i find peace.

I have always been fascinated by ancient times in southern europe and have tried to recreate patina, mysticism and stories that i have experienced and are still experiencing on my many travels in southern europe.

After many years of work and experiments with different visual expressions and techniques, this fascination reached my paintings.

Ay curiosity brought me further. in my daily work in my studio i experience great creativity where abstract characters and elements grow into my paintings - opening a new world for my future works.

In my pictures past and present time merge into stories about life.

I use different techniques, where i mix collages, patterns and surface structures.

I participate in contemporary art exhibitions in denmark and other countries, and i am part of the world wide "artmoney" organization.

Suzanne Lastrina

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