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Steven Bowers


Her Gaze, I See,

This project, titled “Her Gaze, I See,” contemplates the power of the human gaze as revealed in street portraiture of women encountered on Los Angeles’ infamous Skid Row. Through purposeful utilization of motion blur and light leakage in each image, facial features surrounding the eyes are de-emphasized while eyes remain sharply in-focus. This technique subconsciously compels the viewer to meet the gaze of the portrait subject directly and consider some uncomfortable truths about the image subject.

Regret and shame.
I ignored your pleas for help.
Mother. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Friend.
I couldn’t look you in the eyes.
No more.
I see you.

Artist Statement

Reporter, he tells stories of places and people.


American photographer, self-taught reporter.
His works have been exhibited in Europe and in the states

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