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The images presented are part of a larger project and are
intended to be printed on 135 x 90 cm canvas.
The photos used are taken in a laboratory
where with models I recreate galaxies, seas, forests, creeks.
The importance is not in the technique manipulation but is
what is photographed.
My goal is for them to be abstract images that
express energy and movement, the changing universe. But
that they also maintain a relationship with the romantic
European landscapes of the 19th century and the subtle
landscapes and oriental drawings

Artist Statement

Photos from the Hubble telescope, science books and films, the
starry night, cosmic cataclysms, imagined planets, quantum
Jong Seon, J. M. W. Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Oriental art
and romantic landscapes of the 19th century.
My work is inspired by the oriental philosophy of the TAO in the
sense that everything flows in an eternal change and in the
certainty of the absolute and mutable unity in which things exist.
In my works I try to reflect immediate changes such as the flow of
a stream or the wind through the branches, but also what has
happened -is happening- millions of years ago.
One side rebellious. Another serene. Dis-
arm, / arm / disarm… Acracy that
folds to the number, that holds onto
the mine’s labyrinth against the smoothness
of the plated metal. Liberty and form:
persuasive / dissuasive… resolute in
a stellar instant (star / tail).
Knot / mesh / frames / carpet / air,
air… Paciel. (How many dimensions
fit in the dream?). Turbulence. As-
Jorge Tamargo.
translation: Juan Manuel Niebla


La Habana, Cuba, July, 14, 1952.
Degree in architecture 1977.
Museographer architect at the National Office of Cultural Heritage, Cuba.
Professor of Museography at the National Institute of Museology. Cuba.
Bilbao, Spain, since 1991.

His career as an architect has developed in parallel with his work as a visual artist. His goal has always been the integration of the arts.

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