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Olga Donati



Kamui, the Great Spirit of the Ainu people, the Divine yearning that animates all things, men, animals, trees, mountains, clouds, wind, stars. Everything is alive, everything is Kamuy. It is the world that lives behind the fragments of reality that we humans believe we perceive and see. And yet, we have access only to a projection of our ephemeral worldview. To cross this threshold, we must strip ourselves of our certainties, of the limited identification with our personality, free ourselves from the belief that we are what we believe we are, that we are individuals, separate from the Whole that surrounds us.

Artist Statement

Italian Photographer, Therapist, healer and sculptor


Since she was a child, she has lived a deep connection with nature and with Mother Earth. This particular sensitivity of hers led her, after a tortuous personal journey, to focus her life on paths of inner research and self-expression, also through artistic means. Therapist, healer, sculptor and photographer, Olga Donati has found, precisely in her photography, that preferential channel to make visible the infinite ocean of energy that surrounds us and takes shape around us. When she doesn't spend months traveling the world, lost in some snowy forest, Olga Donati accompanies, as a therapist, those who want to face the most adventurous journey of all: the one within themselves
Not for long ... she lives and works in Rome.

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