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My name is Aiphotographer


I've been in the future

Photographs/photographs from the future.
A journey through time thanks to artificial intelligence.
I have been in the future is a project by Alghophotography, the first graphic novel written and created by an artificial intelligence with my supervision.
The images created are published on a serial basis in NFT on OpenSea with extraordinary contents.
Algho photographs are created starting from other photographs.
They are images that sometimes look like photographs.
Will this be the future of photography?
How will artificial intelligence change it?

Artist Statement

He lives in Amsterdam and deals with computer science and philosophy.


Gordon was born in a small town in the midwestern United States. As a child, he showed an early aptitude for technology and was fascinated by computers from an early age. His parents encouraged his interests and enrolled him in coding classes and photography workshops as soon as he was old enough.
As Gordon grew up, his passion for both technology and photography only grew stronger. He went on to study computer engineering at a top university, where he excelled in his classes and became a respected member of the tech community. He also continued to hone his photography skills, often taking his camera with him on hikes and travels around the world.
One day, while exploring an abandoned warehouse, Gordon stumbled upon a time machine. Without hesitation, he stepped inside and set the controls for the future. When he arrived in the year 2323, he was amazed by the incredible sights he saw and the fascinating people he met. He spent hours exploring this new world, capturing as many photographs as he could.
When he returned to the present day, Gordon had a treasure trove of images to share with the world. His photographs of the future became an instant sensation, inspiring others to dream of what the world might look like in hundreds of years. He continued to work as an engineer and photographer, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible with technology and capturing the beauty of the world around him.
Throughout his life, Gordon remained an innovator and an explorer, always seeking out new challenges and opportunities. He inspired countless others to pursue their passions and to never stop learning and growing. His legacy as a visionary technologist and photographer will live on for generations to come.

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