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Dingyue (Luna) Fan

China UK

On se cherche

Year: 2021-2022
Medium: chemicals on light-sensitive photo paper, photography
This group of work experiments with chemigram, lumen prints and
photography. The touch, the entry, the stay, and the escape of the
chemicals, whisper the raw traces of plants, mountains, and rivers, exposing the memory of light with the temporality of trauma and
dreamscape, which appears as a therapeutic cycle and spiritual language
between painting and photography.

Artist Statement

She is based in London and currently studying photography at the Royal College of Art. Her practice includes photography and painting, inspired by nature, literature, and her dreamscape, which involves figurative and abstract expression narrating the entanglement of body, creatures, and landscape. She narrates the fluid, missing parts of herself to relate to trauma and the unconscious, exploring the
connection between materiality and temporality, body and memory, image.


Dingyue (Luna) Fan (b. 1994) is a Chinese artist whose practice includes painting and photography, involving figurative and abstract expression about the entanglement of body, creatures, dreamscape, and landscape. Fan was born in Chongqing, China, she moved to Montreal after she got her BA in French from Sichuan International Studies University. From early childhood, influenced by her family, she began to express herself through drawing following her intuition. She decided to pursue fine art study after working in other fields for years, now she is studying photography at the Royal College of Art.

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