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Roberto Rosano Lara - Mexico

My work artistically investigates ideas from science, philosophy, and spirituality.

I locate my artistic work in the complex intersection between the aesthetic inquiry (visual and conceptual) and the theorization, concerning the subjects that I consider most relevant for the computer evolution of the World.

I seek to re-create our mythology from differential understanding, which potentially
proposes art, on topics that have been explored by other epistemic universes.

That is, I seek to understand through art ideas belonging to other territories of language.

But, ambush me, my pretension does not stop only in the illustration of such conceptualizations but it goes beyond the terrain of visuality and reaches that of unpublished theorization.
I believe that before anything else, "art" is the category with which we denominate differential forms of understanding of the world, but only when these are not exclusively a technical and/or conceptual exploration but, above all, also an investigation esthetic.

From mathematics, I draw elegance and resolution of the Forms, from the natural sciences, stylistics, and complexity, and from spirituality and philosophy, the subjects on which I place the attention of my impetus.

My work is work for the intelligence, and for the spirits that, absorbed at such a level by the study of the external Forms, are already able to opt for the poetics of the Intuitive Form.

Roberto Rosano Collective17 NNC Gallery London

“Draw a distinction”

o “¡Que se haga la luz!”

Acrylic on black chalkboard
90 x 60 cms.
Status: Artist's collection



The artwork is available for sale



 "Alegoría del espíritu”
 “Primero tú estás en la luz, luego la luz está en ti, finalmente la luz y tú son uno solo” Sathya Sai BabaFirst

you are in the light, then the light is in you, finally the light and you are one only" Sathya Sai Baba
Indelible marker on white board
123 x 93 cms.
Status: Available



The artwork is available for sale


Roberto Rosano Collctve 17 NNC Gallery London

No title

Indelible marker on Bond paper

16 x 11 cm 


Status: Available


The artwork is available for sale




Indelible marker on paper Guarro

40 x 33 cms


Status: Collection of the artist





The artwork is available for sale



Roberto Rosano NNC Gallery London
Roberto Rosano NNC Gallery LONDON

“Mundos interconectados”

Indelible marker on white board
120 x 92 cms.
Status: Sold



The artwork is  not

available for sale

“El nudo de Ariadna”

"Ariadne's knot"
Indelible marker on white board
120 x 92 cms.
Status: Available

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