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Roberta Ceudek

Selected during Challenge 2019

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Roberta Ceudek, Italian, born in 1970, discovered her attitude for art not long time ago. After many years working in the field of media and communication, she is looking for a more immediate way to communicate emotions and feelings, making those universally sharable, through colors and light, instead of words. “Words are limits, sometimes are unable to describe the whole reality. Emotions are touchable, and painting could be the right medium. At the same time, there is a deeper level: a reality BEHIND reality. What exists is not only what you see, there’s much more.”
Just like colours are framed by light, invisible light…ultraviolet light!

About her Photopaintings Collections “COLORS” and "Water and light tales" the italian art critic Paolo LEVI says: "about these admirable landscapes full of a post-Apocalypse melancholy, Samuel Beckett would Say that "nothing Is more real than naught".

In 2017

Roberta joined the collective “L’arte contemporanea che emerge” (Emerging contemporary art) by Fondazione Mazzoleni in Alzano Lombardo (BG, Italy), made her first solo exhibition “ULTRAVIOLET” at La Polvere di Bacco in Legnano (MI, Italy), and was at “Naviglio di Milano_Rassegna d’Arte” (Milan waterway Art Exhibition, Milan_Italy).

In 2018

– she has been preselected from “” and one of her paintings, “Se il sole muore” (If sun dies), has been published on the February issue.
– “” gave her the possibility to join the online gallery for the whole year to show their paintings on the platform.

– She has been chosen from “Satura Art Gallery” (Genoa_Italy) for the collective exhibition “GenovaART EXPO 2018” (from April, the 21st t to May, the 5ft) with her “Look at me, don’t talk”

– She joined the “Orizzonti d’Arte” collective exhibition at “Dueunodue Gallery” (Bologna _ Italy) (May, from 11 to 20) with “Snowmelt” (2018), “Look at me, don’t Talk” (2018), “La vie en Rose” (2018), “If the sun dies” (2018), “The birchwood” (2017)

– And she realized art panels for the garden where prisoners meet their children in the Novara Prison Building supported by Soroptimist Ass.
– In July she joined the SATURA INTERNATIONAL ART PRIZE in Genova with “The inattentive Heart”

– Actually two of her paintings from the White Collection – “Snowmelt” and “The birchwood”- are exhibited at Maiocchi15 Art Gallery in Milano..


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Roberta Ceudek

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