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Pablo llana

Selected during Challenge 2019

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Lives and works in Tijuana, Mexico.
Originally from the city of Tijuana.
Graduated in arts at the House of Culture of Tijuana.
From 2000 to 2002 he was a student of the "Artistic Professionalization Program for Visual
Artists" (PROPAVIS) taught at the "Humanities Center of Baja California", with the support of
CONACULTA,including outstanding artists and professionals such as: Felipe Ehrenberg, among
He has participated in more than 30 local and international collective exhibitions. Among his
most recent solo exhibitions are: "Sweet Death" Gallery Art Virus LTD Frankfurt, Germany,
"Oaxaca from Acá" Textile Museum of Oaxaca, and others; he has exhibit also in New
York,San Diego and Los Ángeles CA, Frankfurt and Cuba
His work is part of the cultural heritage of the Tijuana Cultural Center Museum CECUT.
He has obtained honorable mentions in biennials in Mexico..Since 2010 his work revolves
around the capitalism-consumerism and obesity-identity binomials, as viewed from the micro
or, as well the personal.
Using the wrappers of junk-food products as raw material, point towards a political reflection,
by tightly joining the critical and social senses.
The result: pieces rich in texture, whose colour palette comes from the plastic discards of
poor nourishment; individual consequences of globalization and without doubt one of the
scourges of the 21st Century.

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Pablo llana

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