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Juan Pablo Mapeto

Selected during Challenge 2019


(1985, Concepción – Chile)

Mapeto goes down several styles in the field of arts, painting, collage, watercolor, drawing, illustration, sculpture, tattoo and music. He spent his adolescence in Concepción developing artistic works with art collectives and organizing music festivals. He studied engineering at the Universidad Federico Santa Maria in 2002. Later, he moved to Buenos Aires to pursue a new degree, this time in Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) where he channeled his studies to the areas of painting, engraving, drawing and sculpture. In 2014, he moved to Brazil to focus on his new research and develop new projects, and has participated in the documentary “Exposed”, that shows the development process of a new research.
In his career he made several individual and collective exhibitions in several countries, including:
- Buenos Aires (Argentina): Exhibition in Museo Metropolitano where he won the "Mérito artístico y cultural ABCH" award (2010); Exhibition “Habitación #310” in the Babbel Hotel (2010); Exhibition “Decameron” in Espacio Caffarena (2013); Exhibition with artist collective in Espacio Fellino (2012 and 2014). He also participated in the moviment “HIT La Internacional Muralista” with artists from all over the world that painted the walls of Buenos Aires in 2007 from which was created a documentary.
- Bogota (Colombia): Solo exhibition “La Vida en Tiempo de Guerra” (2014), in the Espacio Van Staseghem. Subsequently, he held another solo exhibition “Fuegos” (2018) at the same gallery with guided tours and workshops.
- Mexico City (Mexico): Exhibition “Fuegos” (2018) in the Museo Cuatro Caminos to the Arte10 Fair.
- São Paulo (Brazil): Exhibition “Mostra Anônima” in the Espaço S/A (2012); Participation in the documentary Exposto (2016); Collective art exhibition in the opening of the CRUA Gallery and in its Arts Bazaar (2017); Cavalete Fair (2019); Corporative works to the 30rd International Motor Show in São Paulo as contracted artist by Caoa-Chery (2018). He also developed the albuns covers “Beijo estranho” and “Vanguart sings Bob Dylan” to the band Vanguart (producer Deskdisc).

Special project

Juan Pablo Mapeto

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