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Jörg Coblenz

Selected during Challenge 2019

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„Jörg Coblenz is interested in exploring the interface between materiality and colour.
This interest led him to use thread both to draw and embroider using a variety of
canvases and backgrounds.
Traditionally the focus in embroidery is on the stitching used to create images.
In contrast Coblenz uses thread to create textures and tactility. He draws with thread,
often taking images from photographs, magazines and advertisements which he first
sketches and then transforms.
He likes to play with the relationship between thread and paint and to explore the
dynamic between them.
His frequent use of degraded canvas or paper when combined with pigments and paint
splatters serves to further enhance the tension between surface and background image to
create a new reality.“
( Jean Block, 2016, London /UK)

Jörg Coblenz lives and works in Bremen/Germany

Special project

Jörg Coblenz

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