Bernadette Sterk

Bernadette Sterk captures the ‘magnificent splendor’of postures, expressive elements of subtle movement and sphere, in bright color accents. Her paintings are strong, touching and suprisingly affecting. Her technique to paint only with the Princeton Catalysts as a tool, giving special effects to structure and colors, is a strong signature of the artist.
Free Work / Arylic on linnen on aluminium frame

Selected during Challenge 2019

Nomination Painting of the Year 2013
Rotterdam International Art Fair 2014, chosen by jury and public as one of the most appreciated artists
Barcelona International Art Fair BCN ART at the Casa Battlo 2014
GALLERY SILLE Oudewater The Netherlands from 2015 a permanent member of the selected artists
Now Art Fair Eindhoven 2015, , chosen by jury and public as one of the most appreciated artists
DOUBLE TREE by HILTON NDSM hotel Amsterdam 2015
National Artdays AHOY Rotterdam 2015, juryappreciation one of the 10 best artists
ART&GALLERY Ton Piepers Weert The Netherlands from 2016
National Artdays AHOY Rotterdam 2016
ART&GALLERY Jan Mennen Roggel The Netherlands from 2017



Bernadette Sterk

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