Ylvie Reinauer

Ylvie Reinauer




My Name is Ylvie Reinauer,I am 23 years old and I am living in Germany. After graduation of High School (2016) I started to study art in Switzerland at Visual Art School in Basel. It´s the fourth and last year before I get my diploma. After school I want to find my way as an artist because it is my passion. My main emphasis is abstract painting combined with figurative art. I love to play with colors to create a soul space for the Observer. Every year we have three projects in school, in witch we have to describe our paintings. At the end we have a presentation of our research and way of working. After college I have twelve projects and one diploma-work. My Projects: -Birth of Colors -Human and Space -Elephants -Human and Cosmos -The mineral World -The primary Colors -Human Figure -Nature of the Invisible -The secondary Colors -Plants -Gesture of Colors Exhibitions: Walzwerk Basel: 2017/ 2018 / 2019 Numas Igra ,Basel: July 2020 Kunst unter Uns, Lörrach: Dezember 2020

Special Project

This project is about the relation between human being and the expression of color. -What feelings does the color convey to the viewer? -How strongly does the human figure relate to color ? -Does color have its own essence or is it all just association? I tried to answer these questions in the project. It is amazing what kind of power colors carries and what impact it has on emotions and soul-spaces in the painting. On the one hand I tried to pursue the human expression and on the other hand the essence of color. There should be an indirect color tension between the color of the feeling and the color of the surrounding area. An example: In the red paintings I tried to convey a blue feeling in a red soul-space. For me it was important to express the independence and expressiveness of the color. Colors accompany our feelings, emotions and thoughts. As soon as the color changes, the meaning of the story changes too. The question that preoccupied me the most was the question of association. Is red just a warm color for us because fire is red? How would you feel if you were lying on an orange meadow instead of a green one we know