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Ylvie Reinauer



My Name is Ylvie Reinauer,I am 23 years old and I am living in Germany. After graduation of High School (2016) I started to study art in Switzerland at Visual Art School in Basel. It´s the fourth and last year before I get my diploma. After school I want to find my way as an artist because it is my passion. My main emphasis is abstract painting combined with figurative art. I love to play with colors to create a soul space for the Observer. Every year we have three projects in school, in witch we have to describe our paintings. At the end we have a presentation of our research and way of working. After college I have twelve projects and one diploma-work. My Projects: -Birth of Colors -Human and Space -Elephants -Human and Cosmos -The mineral World -The primary Colors -Human Figure -Nature of the Invisible -The secondary Colors -Plants -Gesture of Colors Exhibitions: Walzwerk Basel: 2017/ 2018 / 2019 Numas Igra ,Basel: July 2020 Kunst unter Uns, Lörrach: Dezember 202

Special Project

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