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Pia Russel




My art range from nonrepresentational to abstract portraits, people and  animals. I mainly work in mixed media techniques. Acrylic paints, oil pastels and  collage make up a large proportion of this. In my art I try to make the different facets of a person, an animal or surfaces  visible. Animals can take on human traits and human images can contain animal  features. At the beginning of a painting there ist always an unplanned, random work  prozess, from the layers of which the motif slowly emerges. So my current internal conditions are included in the work from the start. A great inspiration for me are the colors and shapes of nature, in which I stay  as often as possible.

Special Project

I am currently working on my latest project „flower- and nature shapes“. At the moment I am working with oil pastels on paper but in the next days I  will start to work on bigger canvases.

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