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Nora Lebbos




I’m Nor, Franco-Lebanese, living in Lebanon. I’m a writer and my visual creations reflect narrative stories: words putted in lines.  I’m self-taught, and don’t have any specific technics except sincerity and the faith in inspiration. I was familiar with paintings during my childhood where I used to go to galleries, read studies, and look at  different kind of “schools”. In a way, my eye was trained before my hand.  I seek a movement through creation, a movement in mind and in feelings, the invisible becoming a free and abstract pattern. Living in Lebanon, with this unimaginable defection of the slightest humanity, courage and responsibility  for people, has also an impact in my creation. Some of the creations presented here were done at the  beginning of Lebanon Revolution in October 2019 and some after August 2020 criminal explosion. The Revolution is still ongoing and will never ceased as it’s not only the question of Lebanon, but human mind that has to claim for and regain its freedom. I trust Art as a powerful act of freedom, a spell made of magical shapes. My creation is also in movement, as it will continues to evolve and be nourished by experiences and  people. Most of all, I feel and immense grace in the act of drawing, painting and writing.

Special Project

This project is dedicated to Lebanon, to its revolution, its fight for independence, freedom and justice.  Through drawing and painting, through words, I have putted this memory in shapes.  First the 2019 October Revolution in Marty’s square, where a giant has been born; people on the streets,  in a blink of an eye, all has shifted.  The August 2020 blast, the explosion was a giant pink cloud in the sky, but really nothing was pink, all was  and is still a chaos, sad and criminal.  Oraison Funèbre is a prayer levitating in the invisible, like ashes of Beirut explosion, ashes of victims  levitating in the wind. After death, the legendary sphinx reborn from its ashes again and again. The Sphinx is dedicated to the  people of Lebanon, the people who fights and even those who fly away, because the roots never go away,  never.  Finally, Mountain and sea symbolize the splendid Nature of this country, its cedars, rocks, valleys, rivers,  flowers, animals; they are the true inhabitants of this soil and the first victims of Men rapacity. List. 1. October 19 Revolution, oct. 2019, canvas 60x90, mixed media 2. August 4 2020 This is not pink, August 2020, A3, mixed media 3. Oraison funèbre, August 2020, 2xA3, mixed media 4. The Sphinx, March 2020, A3, mixed media 5. Mountain and sea, September 2020, A3, mixed media

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