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Marina Serebryakova


Winner Challenge 2020


I'm freelance photographer from Minsk, Belarus. Over  the past eight years I work as photojournalist for some belarusian and foreign  media. Graduated from Belarusian State Economic University with a financial  specialty, but went into the profession of a photographer. Mobilography amateur.  Birdwatcher and bird owner. My work was always related to the constant movement and wearing of heavy  photo equipment. But last year my health deteriorated greatly. So I had to limit  the number of photoreport shoots to the amount at which I can survive  financially. Despite the fact that the body began to let me down, the love to  photography and perception things through visualization has not disappeared. In  the end, I found myself in mobilography. Unlike my working equipment, a mobile  phone is compact, always within easy reach and doesn't cause me pain or  discomfort while using. Street mobilography is what helps me to be creative. With this photos I want to  show that you can notice and fix small, but beautiful things around. Not necessary  with the help of a professional camera.

Special Project


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