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Kristina Milivojević


Winner Challenge 2020


Kristina Milivojevic was born in 1985 in Belgrade, Serbia where she graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in 2009. Kristina has been making while experimenting with various media: drawings, paintings,  graphics, photography and video. She has had several group and solo exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. She has been a  member of ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia) since 2017. Kristina lives and works in  Belgrade. List of Group Exhibitions: Graduate exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts, “Žad” Gallery, Belgrade, 2007 Exhibition of the students from the College of Fine and Applied Arts at “Srbijateks” Department Store,  Belgrade, 2010 Participation in “Papergirl” Project, Belgrade, Serbia, 2013 and 2014 Art Festival DEV9T, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015 Open October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015 13th International Biennial of Miniatures Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, 2016 14th International Exhibition “Women Painters”, Majdanpek, Serbia, 2016 25th ArtMarket, Kralja Petra I House, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016 17th Landscape Art Salon, Belgrade, Serbia,2016 3rd Feminist Art Colony, Sicevo, Serbia, 2017 “Censorship Behind Closed Doors”, Art Gallery, Nis, Serbia, 2017 “Artist in the World”, Art Gallery Porto, Porto, Portugal, 2018 “MiniARTura”, Singidunum Gallery, Belgarde – Skopje “Artexporome”, Domus Romana Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2018 Belgrade – the City Where I Live and Create, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018 “Nusicijada” , Ivanjica Cultural Center, Ivanjica, Serbia, 2018 4th International Biennale of Nude “Marko Krstov Gregovic”, Museums and Galleries of Budva, Petrovac, Montenegro, 2018 Annual Exhibition of the Painting and Graphic Section, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018 “Crtez”, ULUPUDS Small Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019 “Small Format” Project in 10 galleries in Serbia, 2019 List of Solo Exhibitions: Kralja Petra I House, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016 DKC Majdan, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016 Cultural Center Stara Pazova, Stara Pazova, Serbia, 2016 National University Gallery, Vranje, Serbia, 2019 “Dusan Starcevic” Memorial Gallery, Smederevska Palanka, Serbia, 2019 Singidunum Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019

The exhibition includes paintings and drawings made in combined technique (acrylic, ink,  charcoal, pastel) where abstract display of figures, that are presented in fragments, prevails.  The essence of the use of artistic elements and forms lies in the constant reconsideration of  visual problems, where something always remains undetermined and unfinished, something  that encourages the renewal of the question without looking for a definite answer. WE Transparent is seeking the answer for the relationship between our being and itself and  our being and the others. It represents the limits of those relationships as tenuous, ruinous  and barely present, woven by fears, illusions and frustrations of the present. The perception  of the work is a unique experiment of elements, which are not a final solution, but a product  of exploration of the relations between the artist and the observer.

Special Project

Different perspective – video art , 1’25’’

In the video we can see a female figure wandering down the streets during the time of pandemic, the time of all surrounding hysteria and restrictions. She is looking for an answer to the status of a woman in the contemporary society. The way she is copying in the contemporary world of permissions and prohibitions. The presented perspective gives unexpected display of one psychological portrait

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