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Juan Javier Medina Pereira


Winner Challenge 2020


I, Juan Javier Medina Pereira, was born in 1986, during the month of September, Saturday 6, in the City of  Havana, Cuba. I started in the art world at the age of 14, starting the career of Visual Arts Instructors from which,  I graduated in 2004. Giving continuity in social service, bringing the appreciation of the arts to the most intrinsic  communities of the Guanabacoa municipality, in which I was born and currently live. Providing service for free  studies. I completed 8 years of social service and I started working in different institutions, Primary and  Secondary Schools, for reasons of finding an economic improvement; During 2013 I began to work with the  position of Executive Secretary for the Dr. of Informatics and Communications of the Ministry of Transportation.  Holding the position and performing my duties efficiently during the period of 4 years. In 2017 I began to work in  the private sector, in an Accounting cooperative, occupying different lines of work to date. During the year 2020  in the month of March due to the pandemic, which is hitting our planet, the confinement this led the child to  leave the circle and my wife to take care of him, while I kept my work in person.  On March 13, 2020 it occurs to us to dress up and tell the child a story with the characters live, take photos of the  invented costumes and bodyart / bodypaint with tempera and a brush that I always kept for the memory that  one day I had been an artist ... the melancholy I can not hide. And this "pandemic entertainment" is what brings  us here. We began to take photography, my wife to me and I to her, to paint her face, and we created a group on  Facebook with 8 people who joined us to entertain their children in the same condition: social confinement.  Some photographers friends invited us to photography groups, in which we have been participating since August  2 of this year 2020. We have been named, nominated for various mentions, from different countries and  different judges (group and page administrators) achieving recognition as the best photo of the day. Selected as  the best of the month, of the week from a wide range of recognition photographers. Next, I show you some of  the groups and / or Magazines, where they have been recognized and / or published along with some examples  with the frames assigned in their acknowledgments.  “Foto Arte”, Prestige Models Magazine (USA), “Untold Artist” (New Format Magazine from India) “Impressionarsi  Photographic Club” (Italy), “Photographic Marathon (Spain), Selective Photography Group (Spain), International  Photography Black and White Group (Poland), Fotografia Moin Hobby (Poland), Magazine WI Imagen World  Photography, Global Photographic Forum, Kalpochitra Kambas (India).

Special Project

In many of my works the Bodyart technique, Bodypaint, American Portrait, the rescue of Afro-Cuban traditions,  Bantu Cult and Malongo Yaya, and Afro-Cuban syncretization stand out; Among its particularities, the female role  within these great cultures. With all the color, the gestures and part of the figuration that we inherited, on the  other hand, there are included works referring to folklore from different countries, generating an Eclectic result  to which I am dedicating my soul and my heart.   It is worth highlighting the following aspects that I believe should be your knowledge and / or assessment:  1- I am self-taught and I must start studying in 2021  2- Most of my Bodyarts are with Tempera (very low quality)  3- The first 123 sections of photography were taken with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (2 months ago I managed  to acquire a Nikon D3000 camera) hence all my photos are with that camera today.  4- All my photos have been taken in my room, on a black wall, illuminated with two night lamps and the  models have always been my son and my wife. I only expose this with the greatest humility that  characterizes me.   That said, I present 3 works: "Intimando con muerte" (Bodyart, Edition, photography are my authorship) (Model,  Costumes and assistance Chinet Martí Arévalo) "Baluande mi Madre Agua" (Bodyart, Edition, photography are  my authorship) (Model, Costumes and assistance Chinet Martí Arévalo) "Christmas is like candy" (Bodyart,  Edition, photography are my responsibility) (Model, Costumes and assistance Chinet Martí Arévalo

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