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Giuseppe Mongiello


Winner Challenge 2020


Performing and visual arts 

The Momentary Now Performance School, by Marcella Vanzo, ZonaK, MI (2019-2020)

Member of Tentativo di Dubbio_research team, curated by Didymos

President of the Van_Up Association, time-specific project for the Holy Mounts of Cilento National Park, SA

Secretary of Il Filo dell’Acqua Association, Bisso’s Museum of Chiara Vigo, Sant’Antioco, SU

< His work, acted by weather, calendarial or methaphysical’s time,

exhibits and manifested the epiphany of a weak thought >


Stadi (Stadiums/Stages):

Evocation; 24.10, for Soundtrack, proposal by Marinella Senatore, Pecci Contemporary Art Center,

Lungobisenzio Stadium, Prato

Uscito per vendere lo stupefacente/Went out to sell the narcotic; 30.04, for proposal of Enzo Umbaca on, Pastena Stadium, Battipaglia, SA

ULTRAterreno/ Unearthly; 19.02, three acts pro Atalanta-Valencia match, with the special guest Lucrezia

Balicco, south gate, San Siro Stadium, MI

On the theory of the sweetest tangerine; 26.12.2019, public confrontation on the Theory; south gate, Arechi stadium, Salernitana-Pordenone match, SA

a Braccio / Embrace; 24.06, TMN open class, curated by Marcella Vanzo for ZonaK, Pippa Bacca / CdA

public garden, MI

EU carestia (The EUcharist of the European Ultras famine); 

9.04 > 31.05.2020, various places, Salerno’s

province; six acts: interpretation of Cesare Pietroiusti’s proposal published on;

iCON#2: superstitiuos reason; 31.05, public action by Van_Up, opening of Holy Mount, Novi Velia, SA

preCanti in pot, for ConfiniArtProject, instavideo curated by Vera Pravda and Via Farini DOCVA, MI



With Hegel in the XXI. Century – A philosophical Exhibition; in collaboration with TDD_research team;

by Francesca Iannelli and FrédériqueMalavale ST_ART; Foyer Aula Magna, UNI ROMA TRE, RM

TELEPHONE, a global art game, by Nathan Langston, digital exhibition map;

A.A. _Apotropaici anonimi, curated by Rossella Moratto, for WALK-IN STUDIO, Carmelo Bene public

garden, MI

Pratica Inevasa/Cases going #3,05-06/09, by Gino D’Ugo, curated by Lory Adragna in Arkad, KAD project[1]Collateral Manifesta 13, curated by Dimora OZ and Analogique; S.M in Selàa Oratory, Tellaro di Lerici, SP

Time capsule 2020-2070, by Community of Cermenate, CO, for Capsule of desire, Maurizio Cilli

#DOMANIINARTE, by Scientific Commitee, Modern Art Gallery, video/library room, RM;

SODA Social Distancing Art Festival, curated by Arrival Room gUG, Saarbrücken, Germany

Arte em Qurantena, curated by wr3ad1ng D1g1ts, web gallery, Portugal

Tiny Pricks Project, by Diana Weimar, Public art, various locations, Canada and USA

NatureArtCube Exh. of G.N.A. Biennale 2020, by YATOO Association, Geumgang Nature Art Center, Korea

L’Art au temps du coronavirus, 3D exh. by API Association pour le Patrimoine Industriel, Geneva, CH

Acts for placing woolen and linen, 21.03 > 15.06, curated by Helen Mirra; Cample Line,

Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, UK

Special Project

LANDMARKS ( 2020 – in progress ) by Judith Annoni and Giuseppe Mongiello For her project "Appuntamento", on 20.02.20 Judith Annoni meets Giuseppe Mongiello at the Casa degli Artisti, in Milan. Interrupted due to the first lockdown, Appuntamento is a work of relational art to be returned to the Open Class of The Momentary Now Performance School, in May of the same year. The episode of Appuntamento takes place in a non-place, on the floor of Casa degli Artisti. During the encounter, laid on an Indian canvas¹, discover emerging the transitional characteristics of the canvas that houses them: an accessory creator of other spaces, a temporary dwelling but also a garment, scarf, headgear. Landmarks was born from the interruption of Appuntamento, where the bodies on canvas of the two authors, framing each other with new dynamics, become the device for reflecting on and resignifying domestic confinement during the health crisis. In an untitled beginning, Landmarks was a collection of questions on the unprecedented processes related to bodies, space and landscape, a con-frontation, in exceptional circumstances, on the frontier: a place that allows for confrontation, the sacred emptiness of looking out. The body will always be there, where am I? Is the body an encounter between the self and the world or their separation? Once chosen as a title, Landmarks became the materialisation of questions, conceptual slides research references: invisible points that it is their very presence that signals, chooses and reveals. Amplified the principles of abstraction of our spaces and relations without proximity, the Landmarks go to find, where geography is redefined, an ideal dimension without rules, resting on the earth of perception and the inconsistency of a sky, represented by the canvas. 1 Cotton canvas with gold border, called Vesthi or Dothi in Tamil Nadu, south India; cm.188x1

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