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Andrés Fernández


Winner Challenge 2020


Andrés Fernández began his development in the visual world of art at a very young age and considers that more than a rigorous technique, his graphic work is closer to the visual development of three of his great influences and passions. The first one, the language of the comic. With an innate facility for drawing, Andrés reflects this influence in his works through a simple, carefree and very colorful language. Always trying to tell a story in each play.Another influence has been the world of fairy tales; for what gives his works, a whole playful atmosphere; sometimes childish and fanciful, letting a touch of "Mexicanness" appear that makes them rich in characters, colors and textures. Finally, Andrés has allowed himself to be enveloped by the world of design and fashion, giving his work a “fashion” style rich in clothing from different times and countries. Currently, this restless creator teaches some chairs and workshops at the Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato, in the city of León; In addition to participating as an illustrator for different corporate, culture, fashion and communication companies. In 2008, under the direction of public relations writer Jorge Mendoza, he launched his brand "Corazonadas México" with a series of decorative and fashion items, which are currently sold nationwide, in a hundred stores in the Mexican Republic and exported to Colombia, Panama, France and USA. Andrés has more than 150 exhibitions to his credit and has shown his plastic work in the most important and dynamic galleries, museums and art fairs in Mexico, Paris and Cairo. In addition to participating in the art auctions organized by the México Vivo foundation at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City and being selected as one of the 100 artists who participated in 2020 in the art week in Mexico City (BADA Mexico). Creative and experimental by definition and always attentive to new artistic proposals in his environment, Andrés develops the aesthetic sense of his works through the combination of classic, folkloric and novel elements; avant garde and ancestral, to achieve fresh ideas that undoubtedly appeal to the viewer due to their color and simplicity.

As he himself says: “It's about creating art and objects that delight the senses;

that more than make us think, make us sketch, a smile "

Special Project

“Yo México”

Mexico is color by definition, tradition by conviction, and cheerful at heart. In this collection, the

plastic artist Andrés Fernández gives us a happy, traditionalist and festive face of folkloric Mexico

that characterizes us as a culture. Mexico is party, imagination, tradition and color; definitely a very

typical Mexican collection and modern in its lines and materials. From elegant Tehuanas; fun

trajinera rides through Xochimilco; the magic of masks and even an epic cockfight; Andrés

Fernández shows us his work through simple lines and at times very similar to a children's comic

and shows us the beautiful face of Mexico that we all like to show off, that magical country full of

happiness, hullabaloo and joy; proud of its traditions and charming in its own right. “Yo México” fills

our hearts with a party and makes us proudly carry the joy of being Mexican.


Big eyes rising from the crowd, waiting to catch the exact moment where those Globes of strident

sizes, of fantasy characters, of dreams come true, arrive in the distance. Made with cutting-edge

technology from the 20`s, where you only wanted to visit zoos, with those stores full of fashion and

color, With ampon dresses, top hats, dirty leggings full of memories. Those balloons full of stories

walking through the crowds, making their way between the desires of each person.

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