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"Visual artist, photographer V jockey and performer

Vanessa focuses all of her work on visual and sensory perception research.
Her works also require public interaction.
Her projects want to reflect on important social issues such as awareness of one's life, climate change, war, aging, relationships with others and everything related to our passage on earth.

She is an award-winning artist in the world, she exhibits in the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Africa.

"My latest research moves between social networks and psychoanalysis, psychodrama and portraiture. Artificial intelligence algorithms and the perception of time"

I'm in great demand right now for my "Flowers and Poetry" series, currently showing in Italy, NY, California and Berlin."

My ReShoots are digital shots of old analog photos recontextualized with objects in the present.

My Instaphoto Stories are a quest for stardom and narcissism

Defragmented, an artwork realized using AI, recently attended Miami Art Basel.

I've done some great work on women and violence against women over the last few years."


Photographic works edited with artificial intelligence algorithms

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