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Rau Rau Ridwan




I was graduated from Jakarta Pedagogy University, faculty of arts. I have been actively making performance art since 2005. Till today I am an independent performer, organizing a festival in Jakarta (Padjak Festival), members of the Rewind Art Community. I’m interested in the exploration of the body and space, within the connection with momentary based. Performance art as the media to understand the intuition, and gave it the freedom. Interpret something and assemble them into an unexpected situation, to guide and mediate the will of the soul to the body, and the surrounding. I believe that sometimes performance art can work as a therapy, for the thirsty soul, for honesty following the intuition.

Selected Performance Art Experiences


Study SelatSunda Project at ferry boatMerakto Bakauheni harbor,

112 Kongkorongox Studies Project, Cirebon,

Banten Wakwaw Studies performance Banten

#gram4art live streaming performance art.

Lapsodi Institute Theatre of Helsinki

Super Natural Gajah Gallerie Jogjakarta

Merdeka dihatiku performance desa pasirkoet pelabuhanratu Sukabumi

Teriact ‘solo Exibition’ Sepersepuluh artspace Jakarta

Introspeksi at Campus Umna Pandeglang Banten


Pamumingsolam #160 Pasar Lama, Tangerang,

SelebrasiSepi festival performance Art atKarangHawu Beach, PelabuanRatu,Sukabumi,

Performance Art in Digital Poetry Book of AfrizalMalna, at Indonesia University,Depok,

Art in Fest Video Performance Art at Khyber Halifax, Canada,

Biennale V Internacional De Performance, Bogota, Colombia,

Undisclosed Territory #10, Plesungan Studio, Surakarta.


Performance Art anti coruptingKalimalang, Bekasi,

Performance Art Versus Study Performance Art with FJ Kuntingat serum Galery, Jakarta,

Performance Art colaboration with alientronicanalog city and Roy Julian at book lounchingmeditasisebotolbir at HbJasin Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta,

Festival video Performance art at Martin Tovar School, Venezuela,

Senam Sore Performance Art “ng”eduuunPulauPariKepulauanSeribu, Jakarta

Performance Art Versus Project #15 Matahari 12098 FJ kunting at DGTMB, Yogyakarta,

Selebration Independent Days of Republic Indonesia at Manggarai, Jakarta,

Live streaming performance art between Brussels and Jakarta,

Performance Art with GerbongBawah Tanah community at RuruGalery, Jakarta,

Senam Sore Performance Art Musimanat UniversiasNegeri Jakarta (UNJ),

Performance art bersamaArahmaiani at Jakarta Bienale 2015,GudangSarinah, Jakarta,

“NirAbsolut” Doc & Festival Performance Art, Japan Foundation, Jakarta,

Performance Art Malang Festival#4, Semeru Art Gallery, Malang,

Rewind art fest #14,kampus A UniversitasNegeri Jakarta.


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