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Françoise Wattrè



I make modern Floral Art. This is my way to connect with people and the world.
The flowers in my art are symbol for the beauty and the transience of life.
I was born in France and live and work in Southern Germany. For many years I painted in
oil and watercolor. Now I love to combine this knowledge with my experience from the art
academy to paint mixed media ( acrylic paint, ink, oil sticks, etc. )
My approach is to paint intuitively my inner vision of a theme that sounds within me.
This theme is mostly inspired by music, poetry, people and nature. The feelings that these
experiences create will influence my choice of colors, the energie of the brushstrokes and
the size of the artwork.
I want to empower people with my work and to contribute to a peaceful world.
The complexity of the world and the global and social issues of today requires new visions
and positive energy to find solutions and Art is key to stay creative and to pay tribute to
our culture.
Making art is for me giving love and attention to this world.
My collections of paintings can be found in galleries in Germany and the USA, via my
artdealer in New York or Kenneth Walter in Chicago.
You will find more information on :
Or on Instagram: @francoise.wattre
„Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves
as a stepping stone to other things.“ - Pablo Picasso
With love


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