Cover by  

Roberto Rosano Lara
Artist Collective 17
Rid wan Rau Rau
Special Guest Maryam Eivaki Iran
Selected for Challenge Collective 19
Ruben Chavez Usa
Mario Loprete Usa
Gregory Dirr Usa
BACK COVER by Johannes Steininger

Cover by Johannes Steininger Austria Collective 17 Special selection collective 17 artist Challenge Selected Noemi Safir Iran Pablo llana Mexico Roberta Ceudek Italy Special guest Diana Malivani Back Cover Pejman Norouzi


Cover by Cedric Lusiba Collective 17 Special Project VaRu Italy Collective 17 Challenge selection Collective 19: Juca Maximo Brazil Raffella Stringa Italy Viviana Guash Spain

New Collective 18 

Back Cover 

VaRu ITaly

Interview Alain Giroux Collective 18 Challenge Selection Muzna Mahomood Pakistan Martina Arsova Bulgaria Riccardo Reis Silvia De Marchi Italy Special Guest Simone Webb

COVER BY Pejman Norouzi - Iran Collective 18

INTERVIEW Christos Kalogiros Greece Collective 18 Challenge Collective 19 Selection

The Boltzmann Fly Spain Katrin

Klint Germany

Seiko Hayase France

Special Guest Claudia Echeverrìa (Clod)


Backcover VCalvento Brazil

Cover by Alain Giroux

Collective 17
Pejman Norouzi - Iran
Collective 17
Challenge Selected
Elizaveta Vatlina Russia
Jing Ren Ong Malaysia
Sharon Alviz Colombia
Special Guest 
Francisca Brunet Chile
Back Cover Ashk 
Collective 17


INTERVIEW Carlotta Morselli ITALY Collective 18

Challenge Collective 19 Selection

Aurelien Bomy France

Marco Maldonato Italy

Petra jaenicke Germany

Special Guest

Shamsedin Ghazi Iran


INTERVIEW Farah Terkmani France Collective 18

Challenge Collective 19 David Atozki  Spain

Eghisa Raimond Akembor Niger

Melissa Milton Usa

Special Guest

Edward Ewal Usa

COVER BY Christos Kalogiros  - Greece
Collective 18
Interview Collective18
Fiamma Viola
Selection Challenge Collective 19
Froso Papadimitriou Greece
Jörg Coblenz Germany
Juan Pablo Mapeto Chile 
Special Guest Giulia Spernazza

Cover by Despina Kilakou Collective 18 Artist Collective 18 Ashleigh Nankivell Raizes USA Challenge 19: Ian Turnage-Butterbaugh USA Martina Ceravolo Italy Micheal Taylor Ireland Special Guest Sonia Pukovetska Ucraine Back Cover Roberto Rosano Lara Collective 17 

Cover by Gordon Coldwell
Collective 18
Back Cover

Samantha Passaniti
Collective 18


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