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Let's Talk Art With Brooke

We met Brooke because she became interested in Vanessa Rusci's work and our magazine.

We loved her seriousness and enthusiasm.

Her project is similar to NNC Gallery London, and she wants to talk about art and artists. 
We know how important it is and how much it serves the art world.
So this page is dedicated to her.

Brooke helps us present our project, and she points out interesting artists who have a lot to say in the world of contemporary art.
We have already published some of them in our magazines.

We introduce Brooke from her blog:
She is an author and an art connoisseur.
Brooke has dabbled in art and graphic design, but she never really cared about galleries, museums, or even fine art until recently. She had the typical idea that it was old news and museums were boring until she started researching Hugh Lane.

Hugh Lane
Hugh Lane was a 20th-century art dealer who patronized the icons of art and literature I learned about in school; the Impressionists and authors of the Irish Literary Revival.

Reading about these artists made me see them in a whole new light. These models of the arts… Rodin, Monet, John Singer Sargent; and writers like George Bernard Shaw, William Butler Yeats…they were all as undisciplined as her!

Hearing the stories of these people's lives was amazing for her.

You really can't make this stuff up.


She discovered two things that were quite revolutionary in his appreciation of art.

1. "History" actually didn't happen that long ago.
2. She discovered that a good story can change my opinion about a work of art.

Let's Talk Art With Brooke's mission is to support the exposure and accessibility of art by promoting galleries and artists.

She therefore wanted to learn everything she could about art and artists in general [historical and current].

She decided to speak directly with the artists.

So that's what she did. Surprise!

Everyone also wanted to talk to her and tell their stories.

It was 2016 and still continues!

On August 13, 2021 her blog/podcast made Feedspot's Top 15 Art History Podcasts list!

Read the blog. Listen to the podcast.

Also, check out her YouTube channel to see her daily Art Minutes her.

Her gallery is also coming...


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