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Odirile Makaku

Winner Challenge 2021

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Odirile makaku is a self-taught digital artist based in south africa. Her body of work revolves around a repetitive cycle of personal rebirth and healing.

Artworks 1-4:
This body of work represents the state in which we repossess the purest form of BEING within
one's surroundings. Derived from the video project(Same Title), Lawrence and Odirile portray
the transformation and transcending nature in which we evolve as human beings, constantly
gaining strength through our roots to display our own "Futuristic Africa".
The series converges from two perspectives using repetitive colors, shapes, and connotations
to represent the wounds, time, and space in which we pass through to reach one's 'self'.
Artworks 5-6:
Kaffir; a racial slur used during apartheid by oppressors to racially profile minorities of particular
skin color.
This Series is a take on the living conditions of the majority of the black community residing
within South African townships. A reminder of living conditions and what we face regularly.
Artworks 7-8:
A transformative series focused on the embodiment of pure creative energy/divine feminine
energy. The awareness that one possesses is the key to spiritual growth, displaying our
innermost self; with this awareness, we let go of any idea we once held of our self-image. The
‘Njeti’ pattern represents the lotus flower, the only flower to grow from the ground untainted,
coexisting with the idea of feminine energy as it represents the ‘highest spiritual point’. Njeti
material is commonly used in spiritual customs and African traditional ceremonies. Ke Nna’
Setswana' for ‘This is me’.
Artworks 9-10:
A visual representation of disentangling yourself from social constructs and normalities, finding
freedom within your terms, and finding zen within yourself without needing validation from
anyone but you.

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