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Maité Wagemans

Winner Challenge 2021

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It was following a burnout and a lot of questioning that Maité launched into the world of sculpture. She realized that she came from a family of artists, with a singer-songwriter father and a great-aunt who was a painter. Although a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts in Mol (province of Antwerp), she did not dare to follow the path of art, preferring the “security” of a degree in economics and international relations. But, after starting her career following her university studies, she realized how much she missed creativity. She then enrolled in sculpture and ceramics classes where she discovered the pleasure of working with clay. Since then, she thinks about sculpture, she sleeps about sculpture, she eats about sculpture. In short, she lives sculpture.

Maité was born in Italy in 1982. She lives and works in Belgium on the edge of a wood in Braine-le-Château, in Walloon Brabant.

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