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Jenya Stashkov

Artist Curator

I work in the genre of surreal primitivism. My main artistic tools: fluidity of forms, noses, ornaments,
non-existent creatures. I usually use gel pens. I illustrate avant-garde poems and plays, and participate in a
lot in non-commercial projects.
I develop my skills in the following areas: street art and poster design.

Jenya Stashkov

I've been drawing since I was a kid. All my notebooks were painted with some birds and signs, but it was not something conscious. I started doing art consciously at the age of 23. It was drama, performative art, and fine art. I managed to take part in exhibitions pretty quickly. My main topic is the study of the experiences of non-confessional spirituality in a situation of chaos in the modern world.My graphic works are improvisations. I try to organise a creative act as a moment of freedom and detachment from my everyday life. I don't have creative crises; I have a lack of time because of life's troubles. I like to lie down on the floor and drive a roller on the canvas. At this moment, I contemplate the deities and my past lives. I have visions of demigods taking deformed human souls out of hell to repair or clean them.

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