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2023 2024
Book vol 2 24


We find ourselves amidst numerous global conflicts, and recent events compel us to reconsider the role of art.

In response to the horror we witness, we have decided to take action. We will produce the second volume of Peace, just as we did after the outbreak of the war between Ukraine and Russia. This initiative is open to artists from every corner of the world.

We are seeking artworks that eloquently express the concept of peace, devoid of any political alignment regarding Israel or Palestine. We extend our invitation to all artists, with a special call to those from Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, and Russia, encouraging them to submit artworks that convey the essence of peace.

At the heart of these conflicts are human lives, precious and irreplaceable. Our plea is for peace in their name.

Participation in this endeavor is entirely free. From the submissions, we will select approximately 50 artists to contribute to the second volume of our peace series. In case of significant artistic value and a high number of applications, we may even produce two volumes.

How to participate: Submit 1 to 3 artworks centered around the theme of PEACE. Ensure the artworks are in high resolution suitable for printing. Dimensions: 30x20 cm or 30x40 cm at 150 DPI. Each submission should be accompanied by a brief description and a peace slogan. Artworks advocating for specific factions will not be considered.

Our intention is to amplify the global call for peace.

NEW deadline for submissions is June, 30, 2024

We seek dialogue! Art always brings dialogue!



Please pay meticulous attention to your application.

Applications containing low-definition images that cannot be printed on an A4 sheet will be rejected.

Upload one horizontal photo (A4 + A4) and two vertical or three horizontal images.

Do not send photographs of text files; such applications will be disqualified.

Please submit open PDFs or Word files.

Ensure your links are complete and start with "https://www."

Abbreviated applications will be disregarded.

Kindly refrain from sabotaging your own candidacy.

By submitting images of artworks to be included in the NNC GALLERY London Project V WORLD ARCHIVE, you grant permission to publish them on its official channels, magazines, catalogs, or other media platforms, free of charge and without the need for further authorization from the artist holding the copyright.

Upon application, the artist consents to the unlimited use of images and texts by NNC GALLERY V WORLD ARCHIVE, while retaining full copyright ownership of the submitted works.

To retract your submitted works and texts, please email

Caution! In the event, that the server returns the error "File exceeds file size limit," know that it is not a real issue; simply use incognito mode, and we recommend using Google. Alternatively, clear your cookies, then reload the page and try again. The third-party application may, in some cases and with certain browsers, encounter issues with cookie management, leading to submission blockage.

Please be aware:

no external partner is authorized to request fees on behalf of NNC V World or NNC Gallery London Project.

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