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MARCH 2022

Selection FEBRAURY 2022


January 22 NNC MAG.jpg

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Selection JANUARY 2022

Cover by Petra Jaenicke 
Collective 19

Interview Katrin Klink Collective 19

Peace Project 2022
Marlene Luce
Anca Ion
Gordon Coldwell

Winners January Challenge 2022

Mirko Frignani Italy
Eva Kalpadaki UK
Arezu Zagar Iran
Vioeltameraki Spain
Heike Weber Germany
Kaouteur France
Viet Van Tran Vietnam
Alessandro Marcus Portugal
Lucas Nagel Sweden
Keith Buswell US
Joshua L.Morgan US
Mate Artist Germany
Gabriel Simoens Belgium
Olivier De Pooter Belgium

Special Guest by Vanessa Rusci
Maria Goretti Bello Serans Spain

Artist of the month
Treceño     Laurence Switzerland

Selection January 2022
Ned Marlau 
David Camero
Afsah Sarwat
Laura Notari
Polina Welscherì


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January 2022

Selection December 2021

Cover by Roberta Ceduex
Collective 19
Collective 19: Eghosa Ray Akenbor 
Interview Ong Jing Ren Collective 19 
Noemi Safir Collective 19 
December Shortlisted Challenge 2021
Nero Cosmo Swiss
Vetroviola Italy 
Mila Gvardiol Croatia
Alexandros Emmanouilidis Greece
Ida de Pasquale Italy 
Michela Macciolini Italy 
Elena Graziella Belotti Italy 
Kristine Narvida Germany 
Mark Pol Nederland 
Fabian Kottl Austria 
Singy Benoit Swiss 
Tuncer A. Oguz Turkey 
Annemie Nederland 
M Restless US 
Abstracte Toni Spain 
Otilia Portugal 
Jenny Jiyoung Han South Korea 
A paperplane Greece
Cherina Spain 
Buli Turkey 
Mavrigopoulou Aikaterini Greece 

Special Guest by Vanessa Rusci
Isabel Alicia Andolfo 

Artist of the month
Lijie Yang 
Collective 20 Ylvie Reinauer

Selection December 2021
Cameron Scott 
Carles Guitart 
Ledé Thierry 
Oliver Haussmann 
Meister Irène 
Mariia Gorbunova
Cesar Vianna 
Merih Tekin Bender 
Ivan Suvanjieff 
Ogil Octavio 
Monica Avayou 
The Human Condition
Aleksandar Lazarkov 
Valentina Facchinetti
Pati John 

Back cover, Christos Kalogiros
Second back cover, David Atozki


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