Viktoria Cohen

I was born in Hungary in 1970. Ever since I was young,I've enjoyed making things and learning new skills.My mother has always been my biggest inspiration,she used to design mosaic vases and turned even the simplest things into something amazing. Her talent and dedication inspired me to pursue a creative career. I became a floral designer in my early twenties and in 1999,I moved to the United States where I started to work for large event companies in New York City and San Francisco.
In 2018, I was looking for a new creative outlet and began to learn more about digital painting through instructional videos and websites.
I’m attracted to geometric shapes and patterns and also feel a strong connection to nature.My work is inspired by modern art and architecture infused with elements of natural scenes and objects.

Great artists and architects I admire:
László Moholy-Nagy,Béla Kádár,Dale Chihuly,Frank Lloyd Wright,Coetzee Steyn

Currently, I live and work in New Jersey,USA

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Viktoria Cohen

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