The Boltzmann Fly

Jesús Contreras (Also known as The Boltzmann Fly) was born on September 21st, 1995.
He became interested in drawing at an early age.
In 2013, Jesús finished the bachellor of arts and began his Fine Arts studies in college.
One year later, he began his carreer as a selftaught digital artist, and in 2018 he finished
his Fine Arts carreer at Complutense University of Madrid.
In recent years, experimentation led him to develop a more abstract, grotesque and
extravagant art. The Boltzmann Fly was born in 2017 as a reflect of his most surreal side.
Contreras’ works want to impact through imposible compositions, extese color palettes
and oniric creatures, using metaphores and symbols to reflect about diverse themes like
depression, identity, death, perception or humanity. The artist is currently focused on
digital painting and traditional ink drawing.
Jesús is currently a non exclusive represented artist on NYA Gallery (New York).

Selected during Challenge 2019



The Boltzmann Fly

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