Raffaella Stringa

I was born in Tortona 53 years ago .
After graduating in Law I decided to take care of the historic family shop, where I literally grew up finding myself just below the house.
La Bottega d'Arte Stringa, as my grandfather had called it back in 1924, is a place out of time when you travel through precious silver, carpets, antique prints and precious crystals. A place where you get used to the beauty practicing it every day, touching it and feeling its scent.
What I love about photography is its fragility and absoluteness: it is like a flower that embellishes my days in a light and passing, yet solemn way.
Photographing has enriched my life, making it more intense and complete. I like exploring new themes, stopping unexpected glimpses, investigating new points of view with my mind and eyes. It's like magic to understand a small portion of reality and at the same time find a part of myself in things. It is a profound emotion, fugitive and engaging, that takes up space and consistency, and so can also be offered to other looks.
This is for me to photograph, the possibility to touch and fix an instant .

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Raffaella Stringa

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