Ian Turnage

Ian Turnage-Butterbaugh
Artist: Ian Turnage-Butterbaugh
Brand: Indie Photography
Medium: Fine Art Photography
Location: Northfield, MN, USA
Website: www.indiephotography.org
Email: ian@indiephotography.org
Instagram: indie_photography_mn
Flickr: ianturnagebutterbaugh
Facebook: N/A
Ian is a fine art photographer from Northfield, MN. Through his photographic work, he
attempts to present the viewer with a unique perspective of a scene by revealing the
contextual elements that often are at the fringes of awareness. Each photograph in this series is
a blended composite of 20 to 34 images of an object from various distances and angles, which
creates a juxtaposition between the stillness and passage of time and reveals the context in
which the object exists. This process results in a somewhat ambiguous artistic medium at the
intersection of photography, sketching, and painting.


Ian Turnage


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