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Cila Art



The Moldavian artist who settled down in France 13 years ago sees artistic creation as an encounter between herself and the present moment, a form of meditation… Her abstract artwork symbolize this “full presence” and exude an incredible life force, a raw, sincere and spontaneous energy. Lines and colors dance in sublime freedom allowing the artist to meet her inner self and to express her emotions and her story that flows intuitively through each of her works. CiLA systematically creates in a soft light while listening to Billie Holiday. This ritual proves ideal to focus on herself, on her soul and to give free rein to her creativity. There is no dissimulation in her work but rather deep, raw and profoundly human sentiments. All her digital paintings are created from a blank file and without any photographic contribution; collages are made using her own creations. On her Instagram page she publishes all her creations in real time and without any selection; there you can follow her artistic evolution from the very first artwork to date


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